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Technology and Digital radiation

We’re all aware of the statistics regarding the reduction in radiation exposure that is realized when dentists convert from film to digital X-rays. Depending upon the type of film used, radiation exposure can be reduced by as much as 90 percent by switching from film to digital. The benefit is brought home more forcefully by what radiation reduction means to patients.

Technology and Dental fillings materials

Tooth colored fillings are made from a special type of plastic called composite resin. We use the most advanced composite resins that are strong and hardwearing and this material comes in a huge variety of different shades and translucencies so we can easily match your new filling to your natural tooth color.

Glass Ionomers

Over the past several years, conventional glass ionomer restorative materials have been modified significantly to provide excellent restorative capability, preventive characteristics, and relative ease of use. As you will remember, these materials are mainly glass ionomer incorporated with resin . The resultant materials provide the cariostatic characteristic of glass ionomer and some of the strength of resin-based composite. I regret that many dentists have not perfected the use of these materials or have not discovered their desirable characteristics. I find them to be the materials of choice for mature patients with ongoing carious problems.

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